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Gala_Teah, Bekah, lips

Um, come on in, I guess. But don't sit down

My apologies to our new friends, who innocently arrive at our house only to find a child running around screaming and mussing up the furniture. *glares at a certain writer*

Those of you who are responding to the ping about the Denver airport, could you let us know who you are? The rest of you, feel free to chat politely for a bit and then Yucky will show you the door.


Hahaha maybe I should sign Grace up for LJ too if we're letting "children" in.

Srsly, dont blame high spirits, G. We are all a bit on edge now.

Where is Yucky anyways? I dont see him yet.

Ominous knock at the door....

... which I expect any minute. Brrrr. Theyve prolly already seen the door teah, why show em again? Hiya Mom ;)
I got a ping about the Denver airport meeting. I was traveling myself last week - from warm Florida back to NYC by way of Philadelphia. Sunday in Philadelphia, I was supposed to head back to my apartment in NYC, only to get snowed in - this is April 15th. My wife and I took public transportation on the 16th to get back to NYC - and the bus made the two-hour trip in five hours. We saw a lot of flooded roads, ruined power stations, and plenty of those men wearing yellow warning outfits. This is only loosely related to Peak Oil, I suppose, but it feels like something is revving up. In my gut, I guess.

Denver airport

Hi mcatzilut, you were at the Denver Airport during the blizzard? We were wondering if you saw the guy we described in the ping. If you had any interaction with him, could you please tell us about it?

The weather there in the Northeast is crazy, to put it simply. Gracesmom is in it and riding it out, well I hope. It does reinforce that looming suspicion that things are changing, out of our control. Storms are going to be way worse when we don't have oil to throw at the problem, don't you think?

Re: Denver airport

Storms are going to be way worse when we don't have oil to throw at the problem, don't you think?

I worry about my family in Philadelphia. What will they do during the next snowstorm if they can't turn on the heat? There are only so many layers of sweaters you can wear. Actually, I worry about living in NYC too. When the lights go out, am I going to be trapped in this city? I'm not the kinda person to run out and buy a gun, but it feels like a scary future.

Re: Denver airport

And, I wasn't in the Denver airport. I had my own odd experience, though, at the Flordia airport. I was sitting down, waiting for my boarding number to be called, and the man sitting next to me was jabbering on his cell phone. He was dressed like a businessman - very well groomed - and he kept talking about selling stocks before the upcoming event. I assumed it was Enron-related - you know, stockdumping before a company gets exposed. But when I read about your Denver experience, and saw that the two dates (his and yours) were the same, I got suspicious. Unfortunately, I only found out about the Denver experience after getting back to the Northeast, so I didn't get to grill him.
Gala_Teah, Bekah, lips

March 2007

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